MapTech personnel have a wide range of experience both in the field and in the laboratory. As a result, we are prepared to offer training opportunities customized to client needs. Those needs might involve laboratory procedures revolving around Baterial Source Tracking. Associated with that is environmental monitoring including design, use, installation, and maintenance of instrumentation in the field. Additionally, our engineerng expertise would allow training in the use and application of modeling software. Examples include HSPF and ESRI's ARC-GIS. MapTech’s experience with environmental monitoring through its personnel spans over 40 years and includes the evolution of monitoring systems from mechanical to real-time automatic data acquisition systems. It includes research with the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service (USDA/ARS) watershed engineering program; cutting edge university level research which a heavy focus on monitoring networks (e.g., system design, installation, data collection protocols, maintenance, database management, etc) in support of a variety of watershed level application research programs; and company experience with a strong focus on automated environmental networks and the use of environmental databases to identify pollutant sources.