MapTech’s Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDL) is a successful leader in the development of source tracking technologies.  This leadership has been born out with the award of several Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants from USDA as well as recognition from foreign agencies pursuing technology transfer.  In collaboration with Dr. Charles Hagedorn of the Crop Soil and Environmental Sciences Department at Virginia Tech, MapTech has funded graduate student researchers in their Masters and Doctorate programs.  Efforts have included research in both molecular and non-molecular techniques. In addition to laboratory techniques, MapTech has enhanced data analysis methodologies through introducing new statistical analysis tools and improving Quality Assurance (QA) procedures.  Additionally, MapTech has experience in bench-scale studies, such as the development of recipes for composting agricultural and lumberyard waste products through bench-top composting experiments, where temperature and moisture are monitored to assess and optimize the process.  The effort was to develop a marketable product and advance the project to a pilot-scale study.